Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Decorating with Holiday Cards

Every year, we as Moms and wives will move mountains to get a good Christmas picture.  We coordinate outfits, make sure hair is done and shoes are clean.  We get that perfect shot, plop it on our Christmas, mail it out and that's it, done for another year.

Well I came across this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great way to display those beautiful Christmas cards we work so hard for.  Here is my inspiration:

Decorating with your old Christmas cards
Originally found at

Use old Christmas pictures and cards with garland to decorate a railing
Originally found at Ashley Winn Design

I just so happened to a have a railing just like this one and I actually liked the way the finished product from looked so I followed that one most closely.  

I went to Michael's and bought some craft wood.  Each piece was just a little bigger than the size of my Christmas cards.  Then I got some holiday scrapbook paper.  I had glue and ribbon at home.  I forgot to take a picture of all my supplies before I used them (sorry I'm cramming a lot into this holiday season!).  

I wrapped each board in a different piece of scrapbook paper.  I used a stapler to secure it since the paper is a bit heavy I wasn't sure if glue would stand the test of time.  I wrapped them like you would a present.  Then I took Modge Podge and mounted each photo on.  Once they had a minute to adhere, I put a coat of Modge Podge over the entire thing to seal it.  I let them dry over night and drilled a hole for the ribbon the next morning.  

Here's my end result:

Use past Christmas as holiday decor

Use past Christmas cards to decorate for the holidays

Overall I was happy with these.  I may change up how I do this in the future but I like the general concept.  I also may use their photos with Santa too.  I got the wood and scrapbook paper from Michael's and both were on sale.  I maybe spent $5 on this project.  It was easy, inexpensive and came out each Christmas I am able to see how my family has grown and changed!  So, with that start saving your Christmas cards because this gets a PIN!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

A Holiday Gift Basket Idea Inspired by Pinterest

Whether it's your kid's school, a gift exchange or a donation, every holiday you always get that one request for a gift basket, am I right?  This year I was asked to do a donation in the form of a gift basket for a raffle at my son's pre-k.  I was sick of doing the old "movie night" basket or any of the other traditional gift basket ideas so of course I went to Pinterest.  

I had no idea there would be so many ideas!  I didn't think gift basket themes were such a popular topic of discussion but it turns out they are!  Visit my gift ideas board to see some of the cute ideas I found.  

I didn't really find exactly what I was looking for but this basket jump started my creative juices.

Originally found at Harmon Raffle Baskets
I liked the idea of a Christmas themed basket but I wanted to use one of the remaining black pashminas I had from my sister's shower (see how I used those in this post) among several other new items I had bought and never used for what I intended.  I was thinking about all the things that happen during the holidays and it parties!  There is always at least one if not more to go to and you're always worrying about how you're going to look, so the Winter Glam basket was born!

Here's the end result:

holiday glam basket for a basket raffle donation

The basket contained:
  • A black pashmina scarf
  • A scarf pin
  • 2 OPI holiday nail polishes
  • A travel size lotion and body spray from Bath & Body
  • A lip mask and lip balm from Mary Kay
  • A faux diamond bracelet
  • A nail file
I wrapped it up and put some nice ribbons on it but left them off for the picture so you could see the contents.  With this project, I don't really have a pin to rate pin or pass, but the idea of using Pinterest for gift basket ideas gets a PIN!  

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