Saturday, October 12, 2013

DIY Fruit Cleaner

Ok, let's talk about cleaning fruit.  I know, not the most exciting project, but an important one.  I always used to just rinse my fruit under water until recently when I started learning more about all the crap that they put on it.  So I came across this pin referencing a DIY Fruit and Vegetable cleaner and gave it a try.


Sink full of fruit - DIY fruit and veggie cleaner
Originally found at A Pretty Life
I didn't want to wash the fruit in my sink as the original post suggested so I bought a bin at the Dollar Tree, about the size of two shoe boxes side by side and used that.  I filled it with luke warm water and added the recommended amount of vinegar.  Let the fruit soak and rinsed.

This post said you'd know they were clean because the water would be dingy but I didn't see that.  My water looked normal with the exception of a few little floaties here and there.  When I drained the water it was still clear.

With that, while she was right that the fruit did not have a vinegar taste, I'm not sure it actually got my fruit that clean so this pin gets a PASS.

Do you have a good method or product for cleaning fruits and veggies? I'd prefer something that is DIY instead of a product to buy but please share either in the comments.  I'll try some and do an updated post!

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