Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome to Pin or Pass!

Welcome to Pin or Pass!  I'm Jennifer Calero, Mom, wife, marketing professional and a self proclaimed Pinterest addict!  I've always been a creative person.  As a kid, I would much rather have made holiday decorations out of construction paper than go outside to play. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that I love Pinterest and all it has to offer.

I love Pinterest because it let's me feed off of other people's creative ideas and translate them into something that will work for me. Since I got the bug about a year ago, I've been doing project after project.  I don't go a day without pinning.  Sad...maybe, LOL, but it's become my hobby.

Now, anyone that has ever tried anything from Pinterest knows that some projects turn out great and are very useful while others end up in the garbage can.  I've certainly had my share that ended up in the garbage, so I created Pin or Pass!  A place where my fellow Pinners can come to see what pins I've tried, how I went about them, what worked, what didn't, how much I spent and the end result.  At the end of each post, I'll rate the project Pin or Pass.  Pin for those ideas that are worth your time and money and Pass for those that were tough to bring to life.

A few disclaimers...I'm a not a good cook, so if I say Pass on a recipe that doesn't mean you should totally pass on it.  It's very possible I managed to screw it up as a result of my poor cooking skills :-) Next, if I say Pass on particular pin, I want to be very clear that I am not criticizing the original pinner's work or idea.  I'm simply saying it didn't work for me and here's why.  Feel free to learn from my mistakes and make it work for you.

I look forward to sharing all my Pinterest projects with you, so please follow me at Pin or Pass as I solve all of life's problems one pin at a time!

Up next...DIY Wall Art Project, Pin or Pass?

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