Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Product Review - Vinyl Hello Sign

Pinterest isn't just for project ideas!  I've found some great products for sale on Pinterest too as many companies are now using Pinterest to advertise their items.  While I like to make a lot of things, there are just certain items that are out of my abilities so that's when I get out my credit card.  I have a "For Sale" board especially for these items.    

I first saw it this at an Etsy store called Ginger Snaps.  It's a vinyl sign for your front door that says 'hello."  I thought it was so cute!  What a great way to warm up your front door and greet your guests!  

I got a little nervous when I clicked on the original link because the shop owner said she was not selling the sign anymore but had passed it on to another shop, that's when I found Create it Go.  The owner of this shop was great!  

Vinyl hello sign for a quick front door makeover
All the signs she had on her page were too big for my front door.  I contacted her and she made a special order one for me that fit perfectly.  It was only $7 and easy to apply.  Now my front door looks super cute and it's removable if I ever get sick of it!  Thanks Create it Go, this item gets a big PIN from me.

Check out her shop, she has some really great stuff and provides good customer service!

So that's my quick product review for today....up next, a fun way to hang your pictures!  

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