Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Quick Fix For Your Moving Throw Rug

I have been loosing an ongoing battle with the rug in my downstairs bathroom for quite some time.  Sitting on the laminate floor, it slides every where!  I tried the mat that went underneath but it would still shift and then you could see the mat, so the mat went in the garbage.  Then I tried the things you stick to the back and those helped but they came off after a few washes.

So, for the past few months it's been sitting, a fall waiting to happen as my 3 year old runs at warp speed to get to the potty, with nothing to stop it from sliding.  Most days it ends up bunched against the wall.  It looks messy and like I said, it's an accident waiting to happen.  

Sliding area rug

So when I found this pin project I was excited to give it a try and I'm happy to report, I think I'll be saying good-bye to moving throw rugs from now on with this simple fix!  Originally found at This Crazy Life, the author took caulk and applied it to the back of the rug.  She suggested putting the stripes every 6 inches but I did mine much closer together.  My rug was smaller than the one she was working on and I really wanted to make sure it wasn't going anywhere!  After applying all the stripes, I let it dry overnight just to be safe.  

Using caulk to stop an area rug from slidingCaulk on the back of an area rug to prevent it from sliding

The next day I put it out and the end result...a rug that stays where I put it! Victory!  This project took about 5 minutes to complete and was free for me because we had caulk and a caulk gun.  If you had to buy the supplies, it would still be relatively in-expensive.  One thing to note, the smell of the caulk was a little unpleasant for a few days.  If you try this and it smells, not to worry, after about 3 days the smell went away and now there is no odor.  This pin gets a huge PIN from me! 

Up next...Look What I Made, a pin project to display all your child's artwork.   

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