Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Organization - Part 2

Every body has that place in their kitchen that becomes the dumping ground for paperwork "stuff."  You know what I am talking about...invitations to upcoming events, book club order forms, paperwork for school, etc.  Ours was typically attached to the side of our fridge with magnets.  It always looked messy and it would end up so overloaded that the magnets wouldn't be able to hold them up.  My solution...our central communication center as I like to call it!

The Pins that Provided Inspiration
Inspired by several pins, including these two from A Diamond In the Stuff and Whipperberry (pictured from left to right respectively), I wanted a place to hang random pictures, documents that needed attention and a place to put our weekly menu and grocery list. I also liked this idea from Crate Paper, using cookie sheets to hang things with magnets but I wasn't quite sure how to incorporate it in my plan at first.

Fridge Calendar and Photos for Home OrganizationWeekly Menu

My Final Product
Here's what I came up with:

Communication Center for the Kitchen

I bought a white board that also had a cork border around it.  I bought two cork tiles to go on each side and a cookie tray from the dollar store to use for pictures.  I used letters from the scrapbook section at the craft store to spelling out "shopping list" and "menu."

If I had to do over again, I probably wouldn't use the cookie sheet or cork tiles. The cookie sheet can't fit much so it's kind of useless.  I've basically just used it for random pictures and for that it's fine.  The cork tiles are nice but they aren't very thick so the thumb tacks go through the tile and hit the wall.  If I ever take them down, I'll have tiny holes all over the wall.  So using these items in this capacity gets a PASS.

Over all I spent about $20 on this project and I gotta tell you, it's been working out great!  We have a place for all that "stuff" now that used to junk of up the fridge and it's semi organized.  The idea of a central communication place is a PIN.

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