Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Buds - A Product Review

From time to time you'll see opportunities on Pinterest looking for people and/or blogs to review products.  I've never volunteered to test a product before so I decided to try one!  The company is called Baby Buds.  They make baby toys using naturally sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics, including certified organic cottons and natural silks.

We received Mogo the Monkey that has a teething handle attached.  As their website said, they used minimal packaging.  The product itself was very nice.  The fabric was soft and it appeared to be well made.

I gave it to my 9 month old, Julianna to test out.  She seemed to like it because it kept her attention for a bit.  She of course put it right in her mouth, like everything else, so I was happy that it was an organic item.

Here is a video of Julianna's product test, enjoy!  Baby Buds' products can be purchased at some Target stores and I'd recommend them if you have a baby gift to buy.  Baby Buds toys get a PIN for their quality and organic makeup!  

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