Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Balloons Inspired by Pinterest

I know this post won't appeal to everyone as not all of you have Ninja Turtle lovers but these could also probably be made to work with some super heros.  Any way, my son turned 4 last week (tear...he's getting too big)  and he wanted a Ninja Turtle themed birthday party.  I did the usual and bought the table cloth and cake plates and of course a stupid $20 pinata.  For balloons, I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest I wanted to try.  Here was my inspiration:

DIY Ninja Turtle Balloons
Originally found at Do It and How
I got green balloons, streamers and a helium tank (just one of those little disposable ones from the party store).  In stead of making paper eyes I bought google eyes from the dollar store.

I blew up each balloon and tied the streamer to fit.  Then I glued on the google eyes with craft glue, drew the mouths on with a sharpie and bam, they were done!  They were super easy and didn't take long at all. Thankfully they were quick because I tried to do them the night before the party and they were deflated by the morning so I had to re-do them right before everyone came.  

If I had to do this one over again, the only thing I would do different is secure the streamers to the balloon better.  The static from the balloon was keeping them in place while they were in the house but when they got outside and a little breeze came by the streamers slipped off.  I had to put them back on several times throughout the day and finally mid-way through the party I gave up.

I got so wrapped up in getting things done for the party I forgot to take a picture of my finished products but they basically looked exactly as the inspiration with google eyes.  They were cute, quick and cheap!  PIN.

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  1. These are adorable. I love this idea. I have made a few things that I have found on Pinterest. So much fun.

    1. Thanks Christy! I accept guest posts so the next time you try a project document it and send it to me :)