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Easy DIY 4th of July Shirts

I planned to do these BEFORE the 4th of July so I could post about them and give you a chance to do them for the holiday...but it didn't work out that way.  We made these July 3 and they were dry in time to wear the next day.  Anyway, this was a good project so mark your calendars for next year!

Here's my original inspiration:

4th of July Shirts
Originally found at CraftyErin
I got my son's shirt from Walmart for $4 and I used a onsie I already had for my daughter's shirt.  I also bought the shirt paint at Walmart.  They were the cheapest out of the craft stores.  The paint cost about $6.  Here's what I did:

I laid both shirts on a flat surface and spread the blue paint for the hand prints on a paper plate.

Making of 4th of July Shirt

Making of 4th of July Kid's Shirt

I dipped each of the kid's hands in the blue paint and made the hand print.  Doing it with my little one, who is almost a year was a little tough.  She kept making a fist with the paint on her hand and it was hard to get her to spread her fingers nicely so this may be something better for older kids. 

Making 4th of July Kid's Shirts

Next I took a paint brush and painted the stripes.  If the kids were older I would have let them do this but I knew it wasn't going to go well with my two.  I wanted to personalize them a little further and put their names on them.  I started with my daughter's because she had another outfit to wear if it didn't turn out hahaha.  I wasn't happy with the way her name came out.  I used a fabric marker and the onsie was hard to write on so I didn't bother trying to put my son's name on his.  

Here's the end result:

Kid's 4th of July Shirt

Baby 4th of July Shirt

I really liked the way the tank top came out.  The onsie would have been good too if hadn't tried to add the name but it was still cute.  This project was really easy and something quick and easy to do with the kids.  I only spent $10 which is probably what I would have spent had I bought them t-shirts so this project gets a PIN!  

My son wouldn't let me take his picture by my little lady did!

Julianna in her 4th of July shirt

Julianna in her 4th of July shirt
Up next...I tested out some ideas for a Ninja Turtle themed birthday party!  

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